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Making Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Memorable

Posted by Jodi Curry on

Couples can spend large amounts of time and money preparing for their wedding day. There are the guests to be invited, the invitations to be designed, bridesmaids and groomsmen to be chosen, cakes to be ordered, gowns and tuxedos to be selected. The list can seem nearly endless. In addition to all of the planning for the big day itself, there is also the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner to prepare. It’s almost like a planning two weddings. Many couples make the mistake of giving less attention to their rehearsal dinner, trusting on luck and chance to create a pleasant evening for everyone involved. But the wedding rehearsal dinner should really be given ample thought and planning. After all, this is your best opportunity to personally thank the friends and family who have been so supportive, and so integral to you both.

When planning your rehearsal dinner, the first consideration is settling upon the guest list. Of course, you will be inviting all of the friends and family members who will be taking part in the wedding it self, along with their spouses and partners. You may also wish to invite any extended family, such as aunts and uncles, who have made a special trip to attend the nuptials. But remember, guests for the  rehearsal dinner should really be kept strictly to family and friends who are either participating in the wedding, or who are particularly close to the both of you.

The next order of business is to consider the style and setting of your rehearsal dinner.  Rehearsal dinners can run the gamut from back yard parties to formal sit down dinners, but keep in mind that a rehearsal dinner should never upstage the wedding festivities themselves. Casual formal is always a good rule of thumb. Your guests should be comfortable, and everyone should feel relaxed and in the mood for a proper celebration.

The choice of venue for your gathering is particularly important, and you should be certain that it is both conveniently located and able to easily accommodate all of your invited guests. For smaller, more intimate weddings, you might consider holding the dinner at someone’s home. If you are planning a larger wedding, it may make more sense to host it at banquet hall or other commercial events venue. You may even consider having your rehearsal dinner at a function hall connected with the church or synagogue where the wedding will be performed.

Once you have settled on a suitable event space, the two of you can begin to consider catering needs, decorations, and any necessary guest accommodations. Contact one of our event coordinators to find out more about planning your exciting wedding day and rehearsal dinner event.